Chapel Hill Preparatory After School Clubs 2018-2019  


    This year here at Chapel Hill Preparatory Elementary, we have a wide range of clubs full of fantastic experiences, fun and education.


    Art Journaling Club, K-5th, with Sachak and Rolong on Thursdays

    Art journaling club gives students the opportunity to explore are and writing in a creative way.


    Coding for Kids, Kindergarten, with Assistant Principal Culpepper, Thursdays

    Teaches Kindergarteners the basics of coding while interacting with multiple different robots. 

    Coding Kids

    Boys Soccer, 4th & 5th Grade, with G. Henderson Thursdays

    The Soccer club plays against other elementary schools within Dallas ISD. 


    Basketball (co-ed), 4th & 5th Grade, with Coach Valdez Thursdays

    The basketball team plays against other elementary schools within Dallas ISD. 




    Cheerleading Squad, 3rd-5th with Ms. Graves on Fridays in Rm. 118Cheer Squad

    Our mission is to promote and spread school pride. We are leaders who encourage school spirit, promote teamwork and good sportsmanship. We are the Chargers!


    Running Club, K-5th with Ms. Cortes on Thursdays.

    Students in the Cabell Running Club will increase their running stamina by running longer distances and playing games that involve running! They will also learn how to properly warm up and cool down, and set daily goals for themselves.


    Destination Imagination Team (by invitation, 1st - 5th) with Ms. Smith, Ms. Farmer & Ms. Linda Anderson on Mondays in Rm. 106

    Up to seven (7) Student members (grades 1-5) are asked to join. Students then choose a project/problem to work on/solve from start to finish. They will compete with District, if they move on it will be with Regional, then if they move on to the finals they will compete in Knoxville, Tennessee against the world!


    Piano Club, 4th-5th with Ms. Gomez on Fridays in the Music Room

    Cabell Piano club is an extension of Mrs. Gomez music class. Students who want to practice their piano and guitar skills are welcome to stay after school on Fridays from 3:00 to 4:00 pm. Students should bring a light snack. We are planning to perform on the stage in April 2018.


    Yearbook Club, K-5th with Mr. Gonzalez and Ms. John on Thursdays in Rm. 131

    The Cabell Year Book Club is looking for young leaders! Are you interested in photography, writing, and art? Then the yearbook club is for you. The yearbook club allows students to design the yearbook for this year. The yearbook club will direct where the yearbook goes and what the yearbook shows. We'll talk about photography, collecting data and reporting events. Come and use your creativity and artistic eye!


    Ballet Classes, 1st-4th Grade with Texas Ballet Theater happen once a year for 5 weeks

    Students learn the basics of ballet, positions, and musicality, and have the opportunity to attend a ballet performance by Texas Ballet Theater.


    Ladies of Chapel Hill, 5th grade girls, with Ms. Peters, Thursdays

    A club for 5th grade girls to explore citizenship, character and etiquette through many different fun and creative activities such as tie dying and having afternoon tea. 


    Lone Star Challenge Team is a Competitive Club Starting in December for 4th grade with Ms. Soto on Wednesdays, Rm. 205

    This is the elementary equivalent to Academic Decathlon (High School) and Academic Pentathlon (Middle School). Membership in the team is by invitation. The club will prepare the students for the competition. This year’s theme is the novel “Breaking Stalin's Nose”, and the history of the Cold War, and US History during the cold war years. We will study: Social Studies, A Geographical Study of the Continents and Countries; Writing, Essay, based on the Novel; Literature, Science, Math and a Super Quiz.


    Volleyball Team (Co-Ed) is a Competitive Club for 4th-5th, Coach Valdez, Game schedule varies, Gym

    You will be learning to play Volleyball and competing against other schools. Lots of exercise and fun.


    Zumba Fitness for K-2nd with Ms. Huaman on Thursdays meet in Rm. 134

    Come and do Zumba for fun and fitness. There will be music, exercise, and stretching. This is a great club for fun, coordination, flexibility and fitness.


    For questions or more information about a specific club please contact the sponsoring teacher.