General Information

  • Principal: Dr.  Lamecia Rhodes

    Trustee: District 9

    Grade Levels: 6-8

    Uniform Information:

    IGNITE Uniform

    Dallas ISD Student Dress Code Policy

    School Colors:

    • Primary: Navy Blue and Orange
    • Secondary: Red and Light Blue

    Mascot: Flames


    • “Every Child Has A Superpower!”
    • “Discover Your Superpower!”

    Core Belief:
    The most important resource in the educational life of a child is the child’s own unlimited potential. If we can IGNITE and focus that potential, our students will be relentless learners and unstoppable forces for positive change in the world.

    Vision: Every IGNITE Middle School scholar crafts a professional vision that provides the motivation and context for all of their learning. They know who they are, where they are going, and how they will get there. All students receive the customized support needed to achieve academically, explore their career interests, design their career paths, and IGNITE their unlimited potential to make the world a better place.

    Mission:  Our mission is to create an inspirational, challenging, and caring learning community that empowers every IGNITE scholar with the academic ability, life-skills, and rich learning experiences needed to realize their unique life visions. We will accomplish our mission by strategic use of:

      • Project-Based Learning
      • Career Exploration
      • Cutting-Edge Technology
      • Rigorous Academics
      • Apprenticeships
      • Professional Industry Partnerships
      • Community and Family Partnerships
      • Advisors and Mentors
      • Unique Extra-Curricular Activities
      • Field Trips to High Schools, Colleges, and Professional Settings