• Pleasant Grove Elementary


    Mission Statement:  We, the faculty and staff of Pleasant Grove Elementary School, are committed to providing all students with behavioral and academic knowledge and skills to graduate college and workforce ready so that they may reach their greatest potential as productive and responsible citizens.
    Our vision is to become a high-performing campus based upon extraordinary student academic achievement and input from school climate surveys, student surveys, and various stakeholders of Pleasant Grove Elementary School.
    Our campus has implemented many innovative programs and research-based instructional practices, placing student academic performance on an upward trend. The faculty pursues professional development and attends weekly meetings to discuss ways to meet the needs of the students. Additionally, parent meetings and workshops are offered to maintain the home and school connection to benefit students.
    Overall, we want students to return to our campus as graduates, teachers, and speakers to future students. Therefore, as united stakeholders, we will make their experiences memorable in the present time at the home of the soaring EAGLES of Pleasant Grove Elementary School.