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    Spanish I, Spanish 2 & Native Speaker Spanish 

     Bienvenidos a las Clases de Español con Sra. Oby

    San Miguel Market, Madrid Spain



    I look forward to meeting with you tonight.

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    My classes are an introduction to the Castillan form of Spanish.  Students will learn about how to introduce themselves, discuss their family,  describe clothing and fashion, use different forms of technology, describe the home, describe health and discuss wellness.  We use  Avancemos, Expresate, realidades and  Asi se dice Spanish books.  

  • Spanish I 

  • This is a class for 1st year Spanish learners. Typically, this class covers introduction of one's physical appearance and personality, describing others, expressing likes and dislikes, describing your family, leisure activities, clothing and fashion.

  • Spanish II

  • This class typically continues the first year of learning and extends the lesson to include grammar concepts of the past, as well as topics on the community, family, childhood & adolescence, emotions, feelings, holidays, traditions and customs.

  • Native Speaker I

  • This is usually a rigorous course for those who have grown up speaking Spanish or have used Spanish in their home.  It is a study of the Spanish Language, Associated culture, Hispanic history, and related concepts incorporating language skills and grammatical concepts.