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    Cadets, remember to visit your Google Classroom class page & submit an assignment (or at least post a comment) to be counted present. 

    Be sure to do this (at least) on the days that we would normally meet.

    This will be how we are marking attendance during these times.

    Remember, if you can't access Goggle Classroom please reach out to me on the Remind App.

    Cadets, check every Monday for the assignments that need to be completed by Friday of that week. 


    Goggle Classroom Codes

    Alpha (1st PD) -     6kybpyh

    Bravo (2nd PD) -   3nvbm6p

    Charlie (3rd PD)-   23b6tvt

    Delta (4th PD) -     luj5b2o

    Echo (5th PD) -     57fqnwv

    Foxtrot (6th PD) - xepm2kb

    Drill (8th PD) -      kzc5hjr