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    Cadets, remember to visit your Google Classroom class page.

    We will be taking attendance every time you have class.

    Remember, if you can't access Goggle Classroom, please reach out to me at my email address.

    Cadets, log into your assigned classes to receive instructions for that period.


    Goggle Classroom Codes


    Alpha (1st PD) -  sscyvpv 

    Alpha (1st PD-S1) - pgdoepx

    Bravo (2nd PD) - ai4p3fh 

    Charlie (3rd PD)- goggsgy 

    Delta (4th PD) - kg6fjkv   

    Echo (5th PD) - wkinh2o 

    Foxtrot (6th PD) - rhfiewa

    Foxtrot (6th PD-S1) - lep7yeu

    Advisory (1) - zniqltp

    Advisory (2) - 5u6uyri




    Class Zoom Links          

    Alpha 1st/Echo 5th -       

    Bravo 2nd/ Foxtrot 6th -    

    Charlie 3rd -                   

    Delta 4th -   


    Course Overview Letter (Syllabus)

    Bell Schedule

    A/B Schedule



    Virtual Parent/Teacher Conference: Thursday 27 January 2022, 5:30 PM til 7:30 PM

    Sign Up Link: 

    Zoom Link: