• Reinhardt Elementary is a personalized learning campus nestled between the Casa Linda and Casa View neighborhoods in northeast Dallas. At Reinhardt, we are committed to preparing scholars to become leaders in a world that demands critical thinkers and empathetic problem-solvers who are driven to serve their communities.  We are transforming the educational landscape in our community by reimagining what teaching and learning looks like in Pre-kindergarten – 5th-grade classrooms. We believe it is our moral responsibility to ensure educational equity in every classroom. Understanding that every scholar is special, unique, and learns differently, our goal is to provide a quality, nurturing learning environment that supports them in reaching their full potential in life.  Our scholar affirmations align with our campus core values and vision to help our scholars develop habits of success. At Reinhardt Elementary, we are responsible. We believe a sense of responsibility is what empowers scholars to be drivers of their own learning.  We are accountable. Accountability is the mindset that drives our attitude, work ethic, and ability to learn and grow. Reinhardt scholars are motivated and can verbalize their dreams and goals. At Reinhardt, we do our part to be responsible citizens at school and in our community. 


    We are the Reinhardt RAMS.

    We are Responsible!

    We are Accountable!

    We are Motivated!

    We are Service-oriented!



    Core Values

    Growth Mindset: 

    We are learners. We always seek to improve and ask our peers for feedback. When feedback is given, we embrace it. To be the best version of ourselves, we have difficult conversations and embrace change.

    High Expectations: 

    If we believe it, we can achieve it! This is true for all of our students and our staff.  We set high goals and work relentlessly to pursue them because our students deserve it.

    Inspiring Relationships: 

    Students will always remember a teacher that inspired them and took the time to get to know them. People who listen and are there for others are individuals that everyone wants to be around. We aspire to develop meaningful relationships with each human being.


    We believe students deserve to grow up in a world that values truth, honesty, and justice. We are committed to creating a learning environment that models and teaches the fundamental values of integrity: Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Fairness, and Trustworthiness.