• Two Way Dual Language - Spanish Immersion

    The two-way dual language program offers scholars the opportunity to learn to read, write and speak in both English and Spanish. Girls have the opportunity to work side-by-side with classmates of various cultures and backgrounds as they learn English and Spanish across a range of content areas.

    The Two-Way Dual Language program allows scholars to develop the ability to think, write, and speak in both English and Spanish.  Advanced academic achievements, higher career earning potential, and cultural engagement are clear benefits for scholars participating in the Two-Way program.

    The Dual Language experience provides scholars the opportunity to become not only global citizens, but global leaders as well, positioning them for future advancement, opportunities and achievement.

    For more information about the program, visit http://www.dallasisd.org/duallanguage.

    Spanish Immersion
    At Solar Prep, we are preparing our girls for a global world.  In our first year, all girls are immersed in Spanish language through their music and PE classes. PE offers a safe, active environment for native English speakers to be immersed in a second language.

    Songs and skits are a natural way to teach a second language, making music/theater class an excellent fit for Spanish immersion. These classes will also give native Spanish speakers an opportunity to gain leadership and empathy skills through supporting their classmates in Spanish.