• Social Emotional Learning

    At Solar Prep we believe that building a strong foundation of Social-Emotional Learning leads to more powerful academic learning and sustainable long-term success. Our day is structured to begin and end with non-academic discussions about emotions, challenges, celebrations, and awareness of self and others.

    We center our work around a set of values called the “Solar Six” — curiosity, self-awareness, empathy, humility, leadership, and grit. The “Solar Six” are taught alongside other SEL competencies, but in an effort to “go deep” with a few competencies, these six take center stage. Teachers integrate the “Solar Six” across content and through an intentionally created culture of achievement.

    Each morning begins with yoga and mindfulness for girls who arrive early, followed by Sisterhood Circle, a daily whole-school morning meeting, and Shine Time, classroom meetings that take place each morning and afternoon. Solar Prep uses the Responsive Classroom SEL learning program as a framework for implementing SEL across the campus.