• In order to enhance an educational commitment, a dress code has been established for Atwell Middle School. This dress code is necessary to remove distractive and dangerous apparel from our campus. It is our intent to create a clean, healthy and safe environment which is beneficial to all students.


    It is intended that Archers wear appropriate clothing, and in keeping with that intent, all students are required to comply with the following:


    Archer Approved Uniform


    6th grade: Top color White

    Bottom color Khaki


    7th grade: Top color Columbia Blue

    Bottom color Khaki


    8th grade: Top color Red

    Bottom color Khaki


    Academy-Atwell Signature Black Polo

    Bottom color Khaki


    School backpack must be clear or mesh. No cloth backpacks


    • No hats or scarves may be worn in school.

    • Students should come to school dressed appropriately for the weather.

    • Students must have ID badges must be visible daily.

    • Only prescription eye glasses may be worn in school.