School for the Talented and Gifted in Pleasant Grove


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  •           Dallas ISD launched the School for the Talented & Gifted in Pleasant Grove in fall 2018 as the first of its kind in Texas. A fresh new learning opportunity in Southeast Dallas, the instructional program bridges the worlds of Two-Way Dual Language and Talented and Gifted (TAG) education. Designed to challenge gifted students, this new school offers students the opportunity to read, write, and speak in two languages—a definite plus in today’s global society!
              The campus currently serves grades four through six, and will expand to grade eight by 2020. Admission is based on academic achievement, and all current third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students are invited to apply. Give your child the opportunity to take advantage of this groundbreaking learning experience.


  • Looking Ahead...

    ◊2018-2019 4th-6th grade

    ◊2019-2020 4th-7th grade

    ◊2020-2021 4th-8th grade