•                                               Transfer OnlineEnroll

    Transfer students' parents are requested to volunteer 20 hours per year at the school. A Volunteer Time Log is needed for each transfer student returning from previous year to complete the online enrollment. Parents are responsible for keeping the Time Log.



    1. Are you requesting for campus transfer? (i.e. you do not live in the school zone). If yes, go to #2. If no, go to #3
    2. Apply for transfer. When your application is approved by the principal, go to #3 to complete enrollment.
    3. Complete Enrollment



    1. Is your student a returning transfer student? If yes, go to #2. If no, go to #4 to complete enrollment for in school zone student(s).
    2. Did you complete 20 hours of volunteer time for each transfer student last school year? If yes, go to #4 to complete enrollment. If no, go to #3.
    3. Complete this form to request to return to Preston Hollow as a transfer student. Upon approval, go to step #4.
    4. Complete Enrollment (If you do not see Preston Hollow as your school of choice, please go back to step 2 or call the main office)