• PL Prep

    Our Core Commitments

    We are COMPASSIONATE at PL Prep because we value everyone as INDIVIDUALS. 

    We do this by…

    • Empowering ourselves to take ownership of our learning.
    • Focusing on our strengths and using these strengths to collaborate with others.
    • Treating each other with respect, taking into account feelings and individual learning needs.
    • Creating an environment where everyone can learn in their own way. 

    We are REFLECTIVE at PL Prep because we foster lifelong learning.

    We do this by...

    • Learning from our mistakes and being open to change. 
    • Understanding that learning never stops and it enriches everything it touches. 
    • Strive to always improve our practice and take the initiative to learn new strategies that will provide new opportunities for our students.
    • Providing tools to be autonomous.
    • Guiding each other to take ownership of their learning and goals. 
    • Always being curious and guiding others to take ownership of their learning to achieve their goals.

    We are INTENTIONAL at PL Prep because we make intentional decisions. 

    We do this by...

    • Using various forms of resources to collect data
    • Collecting data to assess our strengths and weaknesses
    • Holding each other accountable for our learning
    • Tracking our growth by making intentional decisions. 
    • Listening to our voices and analyzing our strengths and weaknesses to plan our next steps
    • Being accountable for our success. 

    We are EMPOWERED at PL Prep because we celebrate learning.

     We do this by...

    • Encompassing a growth mindset. 
    • Facilitate students to take ownership of their data binders 
    • Coaching students to own and explain their learning path. 
    • Allowing students to explain or think about their strengths and needs. 
    • Celebrating accomplishments and efforts to showcase their learning.