• Booker T. Washington HSPVA

    Enrollment Information 2023-2024 SY


    Welcome to Booker T. Washington HS Enrollment page. We are excited that you have chosen

    us to educate your child. Booker T. Washington is committed to being the exemplary high

    school for the performing and visual arts and we want to ensure our enrollment process is as

    clear and seamless as possible.


    Registration Timeline


    Magnet Application for the 2023-2024 SY is from November through January 31!

    New and returning Student Registration for 2023-2024 opened April 1st 2023!

    (All returning students are required to register. Parents with parent portal accounts can pre-register

    for next year at this time within SchoolMint.)

    How to Enroll at Booker T. Washington HSPVA

    Parents and families can enroll students 100% Online!! Additionally, for families with

    multiple students within the DISD, you can enroll them all at once at the same time.

    How to Enroll:

    STEP 1:

    For registration process, ensure you have all necessary documents


    a. **Copy of Parent/guardian valid ID

    b. **An original copy of a utility bill, lease or mortgage

    c. **Any updates to immunizations or medical information

    d. *Copy of Social Security card

    e. *Copy of Birth Certificate

    f. *Copy of current report card/transcript

    g. *Any legal documentation the school is required to know



    *New students to Booker T. Washington HSPVA only

    **Required for all returning students


    STEP 2: New to DISD students/parents must visit https://choose.dallasisd.org/login and

    create a new SchoolMint account to register.


    How do I get my access ID and Password? You can call the school on 972-925-1205


    Current & Returning DISD students/parents must log into your existing SchoolMint Account



    STEP 3:

    Once you are logged into SchoolMint, scroll down to the bottom of the screen

    to find the tab with the student’s name. Click the tab that says student’s name registration

    Ex. Joe’s Registration


    Important Information: Booker T. Washington is a closed campus; therefore, Proof of

    Residency is required to be uploaded. Your enrollment will be delayed

    if we do not receive this information.

    The following documentation may be used for address verification for school enrollment:


    1. Most current utility bill (electricity, gas, water, with name of parent or guardian printed).

    2. Most current lease, rental, or mortgage agreement with parent or

    guardian’s name.

    3. Most current mortgage or rental payment receipt with printed information identifying the name of the landlord or apartment complex with parent or guardian’s name.


    According to Education Code 25.002 (b)-(c) If the required documents and other records are not

    furnished to a district within 30 days after enrollment, the district shall notify the police department of the

    city or the sheriff’s department of the county in which the district is located and request a determination of


    whether the child has been reported as missing.



    CONGRATULATIONS! You have now submitted your enrollment/registration application! Our

    registrar will review your file and reach out to you if there are any questions. Continue to visit the

    official DISD Booker T. Washington HSPVA webpage at https://www.dallasisd.org/bookert for

    additional information as we prepare for the upcoming school year.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    What if I am living with a friend or relative? The Proof of Residency must be in the

    parent/guardian’s name.

    Beginning in the 2020-2021 SY, Affidavits will no longer be accepted. Students currently

    enrolled under an Affidavit, must re-enroll with the proper Proof of Residency paperwork:

    (current electric, gas, water bill or lease/mortgage). The Parent/Guardian enrolling the student/s

    MUST have their name on the Proof of Residency documentation provided.

    DISD POLICY - LDU 2018.19 FD(REGULATION)-X 057905 Proof of residence will be

    submitted each year in neighborhood schools exceeding enrollment space and officially capped

    by the Chief of School


    My student was enrolled last year with an affidavit, can he/she attend this year?

    Affidavits are no longer accepted as Proof of Residency. We are a school officially capped by

    school leadership. As per the district's admission policy for students FD (LEGAL, FD (LOCAL

    and FD(Regulation). Dallas ISD057905

    I couldn’t upload documents during online enrollment. What should I do? Proof of

    residency must be provided before your enrollment is approved in PowerSchool. Alternatively,

    you can email them to btwattendance@dallasisd.org


    When will the school be open for me to come and enroll my student or drop off

    documentation? Unfortunately, at this stage we do not know. We will keep our website

    updated with information as we get it.