• Vision Mission People go to work every day to earn a living, but many of us also work to be a part of something bigger, better, newer, or more helpful than what existed before. At IDEA, students are awakened to the history, politics, economies, values and beliefs of different cultures for deep insight into what makes people who they are. They will grapple with global issues and will be challenged to use Design Thinking that draws on humanities for empathy; the arts and our NAF academies for idea generation and invention and the sciences for hypothesis creation, prototyping, testing, and reflection. Our students explore the Global Goals for Sustainable development, identify an area of passion, learn about Social entrepreneurship and how they can innovate for money and for a cause. They will launch mini ventures and pitch to authentic audiences for feedback. We work to prepare our innovators to launch an Impact Driven Business BEFORE they graduate. We prepare students for multiple paths to success that include Entrepreneurship, College, Military and Career.


Our Priorities

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