• Book Club

    * Please note: Book Club is suspended currently, but watch for virtual opportunities coming up this year. Here is a description of our "normal" Book Club.


    Students in grades 2-8 have the opportunity to participate in a multi-week book club. During our sessions, we discuss a book decided on by participating students and participate in fun related activities.  Students will be responsible for reading the book outside of school, so our sessions can focus on discussion. At the culmination of our session, students have the chance to watch the movie adaptation of the selected book in the library... with snacks and pillows, sleep-over style! 

    Students must have available transportation to ensure they can be picked up at 4:15. (*Dismissal time will be 5:15 on our last session to allow for the viewing length of the movie.)


    * A link to vote for each student’s choice of selection will be sent, and notice of the selected book will be sent via Remind at least one week prior to our first meeting. 

    * Students may bring a snack and clear beverage to each class. Pillow and blanket may also be brought to the movie day and left in the library in the morning that day.

    * Siblings are not permitted during Book Club, so please be mindful of arrangements for those students.





    * Please note: Makerspace is suspended currently, but watch for opportunities coming up this year. Here is a description of our "normal" Makerspace Club.


    The idea behind the Makerspace is to offer a "club" where as many primary students can participate as possible.

    • There will not be a set roster of students for Makerspace; it will be an elective event per event.
    • Any primary or 1st grade student may participate in any of the offered club dates. (Dates to be announced.)
    • Parent involvement will be required for the student to participate. (The activities will require assistance.)
    • All are welcome, but each date will "cap out" at the first 20 parent/child partners to arrive (due to space).
    • The club will meet on various days of the week (Maker Monday, Tinker Tuesday, etc.) and will be before school.
    • Dates will be advertised on Social Media, and possibly in Tuesday Newsday.

    Students will return to breakfast in the cafeteria after the student/parent have completed their activity.