Good news! We are excited to have partners and volunteers back on campus. Partners and volunteers must adhere to the safety guidelines provided before presenting on campus.

    Requirements for Volunteers

    • Must not exhibit any COVID symptoms by performing a COVID -19 health check before coming on to DISD property

    • Must not have exposure to someone with COVID in the past week

    • All volunteers must be cleared for service in the DISD Volunteer Management System (VOLY).

      Volunteers who cannot adhere to the above statements will not be allowed to provide services to IDEA. Volunteers must use the updated contact information in the event contact tracing is required. Volunteers must coordinate with the campus before reporting to volunteer. With Dallas County reporting COVID-19 elevated levels, we are asking everyone to help us keep students and staff safe by adhering to all health safety protocols. For information on the current Dallas County COVID-19 level risk, please see the Dallas County, COVID-19 website.

    New and Returning Volunteer for the 2022-2023 School Year

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    Here are some ways you can volunteer at IDEA.

    • Mentor a select group of students

    • Become an internship host

    • Donate to the community closet

    • Become a chaperone

    • Become a member of the PTSA or SBDM


    For questions, please contact Cristal Pesina - Engagement Coordinator at pcristal@dallasisd.org or (972) 794 6820.