• BTW Courtney Googe

    Adjunct Faculty, Digital Art

    Courtney Googe 

    e-mail: N/A
    courses: Printmaking
    room:  041

    Growing up in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Courtney was first introduced to printmaking through the work of Walter Anderson, a painter and printmaker from the 1950s.  His hand-colored relief prints have been a consistent subtle influence in her studio practice.

    She actually began her art career focusing in ceramics and sculpture in Gulfport, Mississippi, but when Hurricane Katrina hit and destroyed the coast campus of William Carey University (nee College), life took her in a new direction (north, life took her north to where it was bitter cold and dry and mountainous).

    Courtney received her BFA from the University of Wyoming in 2012 and her MFA from the University of Dallas in 2018, and now considers herself a multidisciplinary artist.  She often combines her prints with some form of drawing, painting, photography, collage/construction, performance, or digital application.

    To advance her story and stimulate new imagery, she travels as often as possible.  Courtney spent a month in North India in 2011, developed a 5-day performance piece around a trip to Roswell, New Mexico in 2017, and participated in an artist residency in Crete, Greece in July 2018.

    In addition to studio art, she has some background in Ancient art history, basic Arabic, aerial dance, culinary arts, fencing, marine biology, and museum practices.


    Courtney lives in Arlington with her husband, two daughters, Thor-Dog, and Oz the Cat.