• TEA Documentation 2022-2023

  • Benchmark 1 - School Design

    • Mentor/Induction Program Plans
    • Annual Training/PD Plan with P-TECH and IHE Faculty
    • P-TECH Leadership Meeting Agendas and Notes

     Benchmark 2 - Target Population

    • Written Admission Policy and Enrollment Application
    • Written Recruitment Plan/timeline of recruitment and enrollment events
    • Brochures and Marketing Materials in English and Spanish
    • Written Communication Plan 

     Benchmark 3 - Strategic Alliances

    • Written Agendas and Minutes
    • Signed and Executed Articulation Agreement with IHE
    • Final, Signed, and Executed MOU with Industry Partners/Business
    • Strategic Partners with organization, title, and role providing WBL


  • Benchmark 4 - Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

    • Four-Year Crosswalk Document
    • Master Schedule
    • Curriculum Alignment Documents
    • Testing Calendar and schedule for TSI, ACT, SAT or other assessments
    • Three course of study examples that outline student pathways from high school, to associate degree, to work credentials


    Benchmark 5 - Work-Based Learning

    • Work-Based Learning Experiences for students at all grade levels
    • Current Regional High Demand Occupation List
    • Data describing  student participation in WBL as well as percentage of  students earning industry certification
    • Student Artifacts such as writings, portfolios, presentations, or links to digital content


    Benchmark 6 - Student Support

    • Summer Bridge Program Calendar and curricula
    • Tutoring and other intervention/remediation program schedules
    • Calendar of family outreach events
    • Schedule of regularly scheduled counseling/advisory events and records of completion for these supportive services