We provide a rigorous instructional environment where students are empowered to be stakeholders in their own educational journey.
    Over the last several years, W.A. Blair has implemented several initiatives that are based on effective research-based instructional methodologies that have yielded an increase in student achievement. These initiatives include: increasing collaboration through the use of learning communities and vertical teams; establishing a safe, nurturing school climate and culture by using the CHAMPS approach to classroom and campus management; using small group metacognitive differentiated instruction to increase student achievement; using an ongoing assessment-based instructional approach to mastery learning; and increasing academic rigor through project-based learning, problem-solving tasks, and metacognitive teaching strategies.
    The school staff partners with parents and the community to ensure student success. Parents are our most valued partners and are encouraged to participate in school activities. Our staff hosts frequent workshops for parents on subjects from nutrition to homework. Other parental involvement opportunities include volunteering in classrooms and on excursions, participating in PTA, and serving on the Site-Based Decision Making and Campus Improvement Planning committees.

      Parent Resource:

    Here is a link to the Parent Toolkit sponsored by NBC Learn, this is not a site within the Dallas ISD network, it is an outside source and is in no way affiliated with Dallas ISD.  This site includes a benchmark academic growth chart to see if your child is where they need to be as well as tips for parents:   Click Here for Parent Toolkit