• Peace Pantry



    The Woodrow Peace Pantry needs your help!  

    The Peace Pantry helps supplement meals and provides healthy snacks for students in need. There is a container inside the main office for all non-perishable food donations. 

    Suggested donations: Can Meat (chicken, tuna, etc.), Can Vegetables, Can Fruit, Dried Pasta and Canned Spaghetti Sauce, Small bags of Rice, Can Beans or Small bags of Dried Beans, Can Chili and Soup, Can Ravioli, Box Mac n' Cheese, Small jars Peanut Butter, Granola Bars and Peanut Butter Crackers.

    Another easy way to donate is through our Amazon Wish List, which mails directly to Woodrow! 

    You can also make a monetary donation to the Peace Pantry. This enables our organization to expand to additional campuses in DISD and reach even more families. The additional funds are also used to purchase uniforms and other vital supplies for students in need. 



    Woodrow Peace Pantry in the News...


    Author: Kevin Reece
    Published: 09/08/18

    DALLAS — The students of Woodrow Wilson High School come from the heart of Lakewood, as far north as Mockingbird Lane, and as far east as the western shore of White Rock Lake: not inexpensive places to live.

    Still, it's easy to find students like Terry Carter.

    “Not everyone in the house have a bed," the Woodrow Wilson High School graduate said. "So you have people on the couch, you have people on the floor." ...