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    Site Based Decision Making (SBDM)

    The function of the SBDM Committee is to support and advise the principal in establishing the campus goals and plan for improvement. The SBDM committee serves as an advisory body.  The SBDM, then, does not make policy, but advises the principal, who then ultimately decides on policy. Click here to view and download the SBDM Bylaws.


    SBDM ChairJulie Broberg, 214-532-5866
    Vice Chair & Evaluation and ModificationCarrie Fisketjon

    Scribe: Beth Wing

    Complete Roster: 2019-2020 SBDM Roster


    Climate Survey:  Climate Survey Spring 2019  



    Curriculum and Instruction Assessment 

    Curious about the curriculum?  Get involved in evaluations and decisions that help implement the District’s plans for our students.  Contact Carol Monaghan-Greve.

    Facilities and Safety

    Do you appreciate Woodrow’s architecture?   Help oversee this historical building’s care and development. Contact: Robert Garrett.

    Community Outreach and Advocacy

    Reach out to feeder schools, civic groups, local business, DISD Central, even the DISD Board of Trustees. Contact: Carla Israel.

    Staff and Parent Skills

    Got a good idea for a seminar or training?  Just interested and want to get involved? Contact: Valerie Carrillo.

    Uniform Review

    Help pare down uniform choices to a set that allows Faculty and Staff to spend 0% of their time on enforcement.  And also allows quick identification of who belongs -- or does not. Contact: Brook Varner.

    Rank All or Just Top 10%

    Should DISD rank just the Top 10% of graduates?  DISD offers this option, but which is best for students?  Jump in here to help research. Contact: Elizabeth Furrh


    SBDM Meetings: 

    Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month at 5:00pm in the Woodrow Wilson Library. If this time does not work for you, the SBDM chair will be available until 6:30pm once per semester. 

    Dates are subject to change. To receive notification of changes, please join the SBDM Mailing List. 

    Click on the dates to view the Agenda. 

    2019 Dates:

    2020 Dates:

      • January 8
      • February 5
      • March 4
      • April 1
      • May 6 


    How do I join SBDM? 

    Just show up. The meeting schedule can be found on this page. To volunteer for a specific committee, go to the SBDM Roster and click on the link of that committee's chairperson. 

    Are there dues or fees to join? 

    There are no fees or dues involved to join. SBDM is not a fundraising committee. The purpose is to advise the principal. 

    What is the composition of SBMD? 

    SBDM is comprised of 50% Woodrow faculty and staff, at least 2/3 of which are elected by their peers, up to 1/3 of which are appointed by the principal. The other 50% is represented by parents, community members representing a business or organization in the area, and students.