• Dual credit is a process through which a student may earn high school credit for successfully completing a college course that provides advanced academic instruction beyond, or in greater depth than, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for a corresponding high school course. The “dual credit” earned is college credit and high school credit for one course.

    Steps to sign up for DUAL CREDIT:

     1. Apply for Dual Credit here:

    2. Request your transcript through Greenlight.

    Click this link  to setup your account with Dallasisd.

    3. All students under the age of 22 must show proof of vaccination records of Bacterial Meningitis.

    4. Visit your assigned counselor after you receive your DCCCD ID # (you will receive it 1-3 days after you apply on www.applytexas.org)

    • Bring this form signed by your parent to Mr. Booth in the counseling office.
    • See what courses you are insterested in taking and talk to your counselor about which class. You can see the course listings on the "List of classes" tab to the left.

    5. Submit an official transcript to Richland College.

    • Mail your sealed transcript to:
    • Richland College - Dual Credit Program
    • 12800 Abrams Road
    • Dallas, TX 75243
    • Attention: Jessica Hodges (Crockett Hall)

    6. Take and pass the required TSI test (unless you qualify for exemption):


    7. Fill out the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act


     8.Fill out the consent to Emergency Treatment:

    Textbooks are available to DISD students for FREE if they request 8 weeks in advance of the class.

    You can also visit the Dallas College Dual Credit Website for more information.