Video Game Design is a four-year pathway open to ALL students at Skyline High School.  Currently, it’s the only gaming program offered in the district.  Upon completion of the program, students will receive an endorsement in STEM. Students will explore both the creative and technical skills required to be a part of an explosive, fun, and competitive industry. Over the course of 4 years, learners will gain a concrete understanding of the production pipeline.

    They will apply 3D modeling and rendering, texturing, rigging, animation, and programming processes to class projects. At the conclusion of this course of study, students will be equipped with advance knowledge on how to utilize industry standard software, understand the higher education requirements needed to be successful in the industry, all while being made aware of the occupational outlook and job forecasting for positions within the Video Game Design industry. 


    For more information about what we do. Visit our site: https://ehughesross.wixsite.com/skylinevideogame


    Year 1 - Principles of Arts A/V Video Game Design

    Students explore careers within the Video Game Design industry, learn about the history of computerized entertainment and their classifications. They learn about the production pipeline and how team work is essential to the work flow.  Year 1 covers all of the nuts and bolts of the industry, but there are lots of cool projects being designed in Autodesk Maya, a 3D software package.





    Year 2 - Video Game Design 

    Building upon knowledge from Year 1 students explore topics such as game play, culture and social responsibility. Additionally, they will add to their technical toolkit other software packages such as 3DS Max, and Unreal Engine while continuing to expand their digital portfolio. During Year 2, the shift moves more towards taking a conceptual idea and turning it into an actual product. The "bonus" during this year is having access to the Game Engine.

     year2        Year22


    Year 3 - Video Game Programming 

    Students learn about reverse engineering and large scale design processes. There is still a heavy concentration on the various 3D software packages, however the focus is shifted towards animation and character rigging. Towards the second half of the course, students begin designing and outline for their senior capstone project.



    Year 4 - Advanced Video Game Design 

    Also known as the "capstone" project year. Students will work on designing their own fully functional 3 level Video Game to include ALL 3D assets, environment, and lighting. They will explore post-high school educational opportunities, refine their digital portfolios for art school submission if applicable or continue to work on their programming skills in preparation for pursing a bachelors in software engineering.  This course is student-centered and led as students are the final decision makers on what individual weekly objectives learned. This course, custom targets the student’s interest to help build a robust learning opportunity, in turn setting the motion path for their college career and long-term industry goals.