We're Here to Help You Succeed.

  • North Lake Early College High School provides students with support throughout their entire experience. Some of the many ways we ensure success in this academically rigorus environment include:

    • Schduled peer and staff study hours during the school day
    • Participation in MAPS course
    • Counseling
    • Staff-Student Mentoring
    • Access to college campus resources

    We foster a culture where open and transparent communication exist between students, parents and staff. Students can reach out to any counselor, teacher or administrator at anytime to discuss issues with college adjustment or any personal concerns they may encounter.

What is MAPS?

  • With our Methodology for Academic and Personal Success (MAPS) curriculm, all students will take this course to explore the options available in high school, higher education, and the professional world in order to establish both immediate and long-range personal goals. After identifying their individual learning styles and abilities, students will build on these abilities by developing critical time-management, organization and study skills. This course focuses on self-understanding, decision-making, resiliency, attitude, character education, and leadership to help students maximize personal achievement. Students will develop the specific strategies necessary to achieve their personal and professional goals. The course emphasizes proactive problem-solving, self-determination, and independent thinking and learning skills. In addition, students will explore and experience collaboration as a tool for creative problem solving. As part of goal setting and leadership activities, students may complete an outside community service learning experience in addition to class assignments.