• Dress Code

    If a student is out of compliance, the student will be given an opportunity to become compliant prior to contacting parents.


    • 6th Grade - Light Grey Collared Polo - Logo must be an inch or smaller.
    • 7th Grade - Black Collared Polo- Logo must be an inch or smaller
    • 8th Grade - Hunter Green Collared Polo - Logo must be an inch or smaller


    • Khaki Colored Slacks, Capris, Shorts (Knee Level)
    • For safety and security issues, students are not allowed to wear cargo pants or have any cuffing.
    • No jeggings, spandex, or tight clothing 


    • No open toe shoes, sandals or crocs.

    Sweaters & Jackets:

    • Logos must be an inch or smaller. Zippers must zip all the way down or button up. NO HOODIES WILL BE ALLOWED. 


    • Clear plastic with black trim or Black Mesh. No additional colors. Backpacks out of compliance will be taken up to maintain school safety.

    ID Badges:

    • Students MUST wear their ID badges. Temporary or replacement ID badges can be purchased at the main office.