Mr. Mondragon
  • Community Liaison

    Erick Mondragon

    Contact Information:

    (972) 502-2346

  • After 30 wonderful years of living in this great country, having even had my own Academy of Music in the city of Garland, finally more than 5 years ago, I found the work that I always thought. I thank DISD for this great opportunity to serve students and the community that surrounds us.


    At Emmett J. Conrad High School I feel very good every day putting into practice each of my skills, specifically in collaborating with a great team of very professional people. We have developed a work system that is quite effective, motivational and very productive. We encourage our students to strive to achieve their goals and make them aware that in life everything costs and as social entities we must undertake much effort to have a title that identifies us as good professionals. With my experience as a small entrepreneur, I notice that our students are very helpful. I enjoy giving them a piece of advice that touches their hearts and motivates them to achieve goals in their lives.


    I enjoy working as a Community Liaison, an area in which we continue to work together to grow even more. The Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) meetings also help develop effective plans in the area of SBDM. We continue to work on growing the group of donors, creating greater contacts with different entities, such as local churches, to facilitate and have more collaboration in favor of our DISD community.


    My goal as a person is and will always be to work very hard and be a part of a great team but in an EFFECTIVE way. My contribution is for the students to know that it is necessary that our feelings and hearts be to help; to help our students and the community in general.