Are you interested in earning college credit while attending high school?  You can by enrolling in Dual Credit Classes. We are currently accepting applications for Dual Credit testing which is sponsored by Dallas College.

    The Placement Exam (TSI) is administered on Eastfield campus for Dual Credit qualification periodically.

    Our current listing of in school Dual Credit Classes is:

    • ENGL 1301         English III SEM 1 (DC) 
    • ENGL 1302         English III SEM 2 (DC)
    • ENGL 2322         English IV SEM 1 (DC)
    • ENGL 2332         English IV SEM 2 (DC)
    • GOVT 2305         Federal Government (DC)
    • ECON 2301         Principles of Macroeconomics (DC)
    • PSYC 2301         Intro. Psychology (DC) 
    • SPAN 1411          Spanish III (DC) SEM 1
    • SPAN 1412          Spanish III (DC) SEM 2
    • ITAL 1411            Italian III (DC) SEM 1
    • ITAL 1412           Italian III (DC) SEM 2
    • CHEM 1405        Scientific Research & Design SCRID STEM (DC) SEM 1
    • CHEM 1407        Scientific Research & Design SCRID STEM (DC) SEM 2

    Common questions concerning Dual Credit:

    • How does dual credit affect my class choices?  Students are given the opportunity to choose classes in a number of combinations.  Dual credit courses can be combined with regular classes and AP classes. Your academic counselor can help you decide what will work well for you.
    • How do you receive credit for dual credit classes?  Dual credit courses require that students pass the class (with a grade of 70 or higher) and take the required final exam.
    • Will all colleges accept DC credits?  Not all colleges and universities will accept dual credit. Most public Texas colleges accept DC credits. If not sure, contact the college/university.

    If you are interested in more information about Dual Credit classes at Skyline, please drop by the Magnet Office and see Mr. Sologuren or send him an email to JSOLOGUREN@DALLASISD.ORG . There is an application process that must be completed prior to any designated testing date.  There is no cost for this testing.  We encourage you to take advantage of this awesome opportunity. It saves you time and money while attending college.