• Check out some of our extracurricular activities!

    After School Activities

    After School All Stars - Felipe Alambar, ASAS Director, Monday-Thursday PM, Cafeteria

    Art Club - Sponsor:   Ms. Dumas, Wednesday PM, Rm. 144

    Band - Sponsors:  Mr. Pogue and Mr. Dunlap

    Blue Knights Drill Team (LCC) - Sponsor:   SFC Duplessis, Rm. 207

    Blue Rhythm Dance Team - Ms. Martinez, Sponsor

    Cheerleading - Sponsors:  Ms. Sibley and Ms. Thrower, Wednesday AM, Gym

    Chess Club - Mr. Manriquez and Mr. Tortolini, Sponsors

    Debate Club - Ms. Crane and Ms. Bickhaus, Sponsors

    Dazzling Diamonds Majorette Team -- Sponsor:  Mr. Williams, Monday-Thursday PM, Rm. 109D

    Orchestra - Ms. Zavala, Sponsor, Rm. 154

    Robowolves - Mr. Keeton and Ms. Crawford, Sponsors, Rm. 205, Thursday PM

    Yearbook - Sponsor:  Ms. Salas, 247


    Friday Fun Day Clubs (meeting on select Friday mornings during school hours)

    Anime - Sponsors:  Mr. Chamblee, Mr. De La Torre, Ms. Rodriguez

    Arts & Crafts - Sponsor:  Ms. Dumas, Rm. 144

    Bingo - Sponsor:   Ms. Rutledge, Rm. 221

    Board Games/Puzzle Club - Sponsors:   Ms. Fuel, Ms. Strachan, Ms. Tummala

    Book Club - Sponsor:   Ms. Segura, Rm. 111B

    Coloring Club - Sponsors:   Ms. Jackson, Ms. Arya, Ms. Thrower

    Cooking Club - Sponsors:   Ms. Hall, Ms. Litton, Rm. 218  

    Dance Club - Sponsors:   Ms. Martinez, Mr. Williams, Rm. 145

    Filmmaking Club - Sponsors:   SFC Duplessis, Rm. 207

    Fitness Club - Sponsors:   Ms. Palitos, Mr. Pogue, Coach Williams, Gym

    Gaming Club - Sponsors:   Ms. Crawford, Mr. Moncivais, Rm 205

    Gardening Club - Sponsors:   Mr. Manriquez, Rm. 219/Outdoors

    Gay-Straight Alliance - Sponsors:   Mr. Lamont, Ms. Sibley, Rm. 205B

    Kickball Club - Sponsors:   Ms. Taylor, Ms.Zukowski, Ms. Shapley, Softball Field

    Kindness Club - Sponsors:   Ms. Knox-Jackson, 2nd Floor Foyer

    Korean Culture Club - Sponsor: Ms. Shin, 109D

    Loteria - Sponsors:   

    Mentoring - Sponsor:  Ms. Leven, 110A 

    Minute to Win It - Sponsor:   Ms. Avila, Rm. 224

    Movie Club - Sponsors:   Ms. Bryant, Ms. Journee, Ms. Taylor

    Music Memory - Sponsors:   Mr. Dunlap, 155

    Outdoor Club - Sponsors:   Ms. Hampton, Coach Mayfield, Outside

    Prestonwood Pals (Buddy Reading) - Sponsors:   Ms. Finley, Ms. Low, Library

    Spanish Club - Sponsors:   Mr. Flores, Ms. Villasenor, 206

    Step Team - Sponsors:   Ms. Mumphrey, 217

    Student Council - Sponsors:   Ms. Crane, 112

    WAG Club - Sponsors:   Mr. Keeton, 246

    Writing Club - Sponsors:   Ms. Bickhaus, Rm. 232