• Principal for a Day is a project of DISD that brings community leaders into schools across the district. On October 10 we had our Principal for a Day: Shawn Scott. 

    Shawn Scott is native of Dallas, TX and attended Spence Middle School from 1989-1991. Currently he works as a Software Developer at Onsite Health Diagnostics, a health and wellness company in the Dallas area. Shawn began his career in computer programming at the age of 7 working on the most popular home computer at the time, the Tandy TRS-80. Prior to his current role, Shawn served at the Chief Technology Officer at Henry Health and VenueCenter, as well as the Founder and CEO of Hack My Future, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching youth computer literacy skills. He received his degree in Telecommunications Management from DeVry University and is an avid fan of local sports team and cooking.

  • Ms. Martin's AVID students were actively engaged in what Mr. Scott had to say about artificial intelligence.