Attendance and Principal Plan Information

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    Due to the COVID 19 pandemic and the closure of DISD school campuses, all students at Skyline High School will be exempted from the requirement to complete the Attendance for Credit Principal’s Plan for the SPRING 2020 semester. 


    This means that students will not be required to complete any academic seat time due to absences incurred during the spring semester of the 2019-2020 school year.


    This exemption will be initiated using the “Best Interest Standard”, in accordance with the DISD waiver for Spring 2020 Attendance for Credit requirements granted by the Texas Education Agency.  The waiver provided by the Texas Education Agency states:

     “Waivers will be automatically granted, pursuant to the Commissioner's general waiver authority under Texas Education Code (TEC), §7.056, for students who do not meet the minimum attendance requirements of TEC, §25.092, for class credit or final grade for a course taken in the current academic period (e.g., spring semester) of the 2019-2020 school year. School districts and open-enrollment charter schools do not need to apply for these automatic waivers.”

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