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    6th-8th Grade Math

    Matthew Disen


    My name is Matthew Disen and I am the math teacher here at J.P. Starks teaching grades 6-8. I have been in the business of education for over a decade, and I hope to continue to help students cultivate a love and respect for mathematics for many years to come. There is no better predictor of career success in a 21st century economy than proficiency in this discipline and proficiency is my top priority. 

    Why do we learn math? In the words of my favorite philosopher: 


    "Because we live in a universe that is orderly and mathematical, and if you don't understand it that way, then either you're going to be victimized by it or you're going to fail to manipulate it effectively. The reason math is so deeply important as an education is because the world at large doesn't naturally announce its mathematical properties. You have to really go looking for them."


    Tips for parents:

    • Encourage passion, no matter what form it takes!
    • Financial literacy is financial independence. 

    • Read long-form content with challenging themes and vocabulary every day.