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    Due to the pandemic, Dallas ISD has made the decision to make Pre-K registration 100% VIRTUAL. Please see below for updates and key information:



    • April 1: PreK registration for 2020-2021 begins (Led by District Central Staff)
    • June 1: New to district, K-12 student, registration for 2020-2021 begins


    Process for PreK Registration: (Students will not register at a campus.)

    • Parents should be directed to the PreK website at:  PreKDallas.org. Parents can also call the PreK Enrollment Hotline at (214) 932-7735 for information about registration.
    • Beginning April 1st, parents can access the InfoSnap online application via PreKDallas.org webpage and create an account or to reset account.
    • Parents will answer questions, upload documents, and submit the online application.
    • The Early Learning team will access the application, review, edit, qualify, and approve the online registration record.
    • The parent is notified of PreK eligibility determination via email.


    Due to the changes to the registration process, if you have any questions specific to  PreK  registration please visit  PreKDallas.org or call the PreK Enrollment Hotline at (214) 932-7735.


    At Harllee, we are available to answer Harllee specific questions if you reach out via e-mail or call 972-925-6500. Stay connected with us through our website  and social media:



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    We look forward to welcoming you to the HARLLEE Family!