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    This page is for SOC Faculty and Staff in response to COVID-19.




    Attendance Procedures




    We are required to take student attendance for accountability purposes. This is completed during the ADA (Average Daily Attendance) period. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it is the class period on each day that we take attendance for state accountability. The periods are 2nd or 7th period of the perspective day (A,B, or C). 

     If you DO NOT have a class during either of the described periods there is not an attendance responsibility for the aforementioned periods.

     Attendance is expected to be recorded for all class periods which is best practice. This practice ensures students are present and participating more notably, it supports proficient assignment grading. 

     So to recap:

    1.  Take attendance daily during 2nd or 7th period (A, B, or C).
    2. Use the google document provided by Ms. Atai for student monitoring/documentation (see previous emails)
    3. If you do not have a class during these times you are not responsible for taking attendance.
    4. Attendance Documentation is a required best practice.



    Attendance:  Students will need to check in with their 2nd & 7th-period teachers daily.  Check-ins must be done by 10:30 a.m.  On Fridays, attendance will be taken with your 2nd-period teacher.  Students are expected to keep up with work expectations (submissions, deadlines, etc).


    Dear Parents and Students, 

    The goal of virtual learning at South Oak Cliff HS is to ensure a continuity of learning in the wake of our school closure because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although there are pockets of teachers/students using Power School learning platforms, we will also use the online platform Google Classroom in partnership with parents to promote student learning.

    This message comes with a clear understanding of what the South Oak Cliff HS Community will be doing.  

    General Information

    • We will follow the regular class schedule so students can better manage their time to complete uploaded assignments in all classes. 
    • It should take students about the same amount of time to complete the work as they would on a regular school day. Importantly, students must work up to 4 hours per day, consequently, Virtual Learning should not significantly increase or decrease the time required.
    • Importantly, at this time attendance will not be taken, rather, assignment completion will be used to validate student participation and progress.  (This is based on the district policy on attendance). Parents, it is vital that you ensure student progress by ensuring the above-mentioned requirements are met thus meeting attendance and promotion requirements.  

    Teacher Expectations

    • Teachers will post work daily on Google classroom or Power School Learning, to include details on the tasks, resources, assessments and due dates, prior to the start of the school day (8:00 am). Students may be directed to other sites (including Google classroom) as resources and references. They can post work daily, or they might include longer projects/activities with checkpoint dates.
    • Teachers have the option to set up Remind if they do not already have one or use google classroom in order to communicate with students. Students will be sent invitations to all these meetings and will, therefore, have access to the teachers during those times.
      • In some cases, the teacher may gather the class for lessons/discussions
      • In other cases, the teacher will be available during the regular class time for student questions and feedback on the tasks they are completing.
      • This information will be posted on Google classroom or Power School Learning. 
    • Teachers will continue to hold office hours as scheduled. There will be a recurring invitation to students during those times. 
    • Teachers will be available via email for any student/parent questions. They have been asked to respond to emails within 24 hours during the school week.
    • Teachers will provide feedback on submitted work within 48 hours of the due date.

    Student Guidelines and Expectations

    1. Availability: Students are expected to keep the daily school schedule of classes and work.
    2. Attendance:  Students will need to check in with their 2nd & 7th-period teachers daily.  Check-ins must be done by 10:30 a.m.  On Fridays, attendance will be taken with your 2nd-period teacher.  Students are expected to keep up with work expectations (submissions, deadlines, etc).
    3. Technology:
      1. Hardware: Students should use only their HP Chromebook for all school-related assignments, one on one teacher-student meeting, or group meetings. 
      2. Software: Students will use school-approved applications (Google docs, Google Classroom, All in learning, Power School Learning, and Clever applications) for virtual learning. 
      3. Students must properly identify themselves (by their real names) in Any conversations 
      4. All videoconferences and chats will be recorded automatically. AUP guidelines will be followed.  
    4. Student tips for participating in conversations with the teacher. Set up an intentional space where the class is going to happen.
    5. Learning Environment: Students should consider a location in their home that is conducive to the virtual learning experience. Students will stay in that location for the period of the day and they should not be walking around. 
    6. Office Hours:  for teachers, expected times are between 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 
    7. Communication: Students are expected to check their Google and/or Power School Learning classrooms before the start of their school day.  Students are expected to check emails or whichever form of communication the teacher has set up daily.

    Students can send emails to teachers; teachers will reply within 24 hours during the workweek. 


     Parent Expectations

    • Ensure that you and your student can log into software portals (eg. Google classroom and Power School Learning) there is an option to invite guardians in Google Classroom. 
    • Identify a location in your home that will be conducive to learning. Remind your students to wear appropriate clothing in the event your student and teacher access video conference meetings. 
    • Help your child navigate and find upcoming learning tasks. 
    • Encourage your child to contact the teacher if they have any questions. Office hours will be available. 
    • Assignments for Virtual Learning days are designed to be completed by the student with little or no parent involvement required unless specifically stated by the teacher. Some content may be new. Accessing the assignments and using technology should be something students are used to doing independently.  Similar to our regular classroom learning:
    • Parents are encouraged to stay updated on their child’s progress, ask questions, and develop student inquiry and curiosity.
    • Parents are free to contact the teacher to request clarity on learning tasks.


    Significantly, teachers have already taken time before spring break to set up their online classrooms and I am sure they are using the break to prepare their activities or lessons. Teachers are expected to post their first assignment ready to go on Monday 23rd. 

    We are in the unfortunate circumstance of a school closure. We understand that there are limitations to the work that both teachers and students can do through Virtual Learning. We appreciate your understanding as we move forward, your patience as we work through some of the challenges, and your continued support of your student’s learning at South Oak Cliff HS. 

    Dr. J




    The following are specifics that must be followed:

    • Students must be in class at least 4 hours per day Monday -Friday.
    • Teachers must be available and monitoring student progress from 9am-4pm daily (M-F). Breakdown for teachers/staff: 9am-12pm online 12-1pm: lunch/ 1pm-4pm online
    • Roles for support staff is forthcoming, nevertheless, please ensure that you check your emails routinely and ensure availability within the scripted times (9am-4pm)
    • Because of the digital divide (internet access/lack thereof), we will have to shepherd our students through this situation which more information as far as strategies/approaches is forthcoming. I have been advised that strict accountability (student performance/lesson submission) may take up to two weeks, nonetheless, we will ensure that all students regardless of their situation prove successful. Such activities as daily check-ins and offering participation grades are strongly advised.  
    • During work hours, it is expected that all teachers reach out to students (power school) supporting them with gaining online access. More information is forthcoming via your IC/AP.
    • Features such as skype (required) and email will be utilized to support students with questions and academic support. Daily responses (within 24hours) are required which complaints of inactivity will be assertively addressed.
    • In regards to supporting students with access (internet) issues, I will be discussing lesson design with the IC’s and AP’s paired with using some of the technology we currently possess to ensure equity for all students.  Let me prepare you, expect different approaches for different times. We will all be challenged to escape our comfort zones although I will attempt to secure normalcy as much as possible. (Approaches connected to All in Learning is posted below/become familiar)
    • Senior teachers please ensure extra diligence being that students must be successful in every class to graduate. Please understand, we all are expected to be the bridge for EVERY student, as I will for you. With this approach, everyone should experience success. Much of my break has been dedicated to guaranteeing that I receive pertinent information (changes), sense make, overly communicate, and create systems for implementation. I accept the challenge with the purpose of making a tough situation plausible ensuring that SOCNATION remains the Original #1. Lastly, we are all professionals that are challenged to demonstrate ultimate professionalism and mostly a #5 Commitment to Students and the Pursuit of Excellence.
    • More information is forthcoming before Monday (23rd). Please check your email and SOC’s website (Thanks Ms. Patin for your commitment) for the latest information.




    5 ways your team can use the same platform they already know to remotely engage students and track progress (even if their only access is with parents' smartphones):

    • Pre-created instructional assessment assets
      • Exit tickets
      • Instructional modules
      • Challenge boards
      • Reading Passage of the Day (with questions)
    • Post Open-ended assessments to the Student Portal (Engage & Learn) 
      • Students can take a picture of their work 
      • Can upload pictures using a smartphone
    • Post PDFs with questions to the Student Portal (Engage & Learn)
    • Utilize video
    • Create your own instructional modules with questions
      • Import PDFs, PowerPoints and Word docs 
      • Use our online creation tool

    Free Webinar on Remote Learning with ALL In Learning!
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    Got Questions?
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     Greetings Collegiate Parents/Students

     All collegiate classes will resume with an online format. It is important that students approach their work with diligence and complete all assignments as expected to acquire credit. Regardless of the situation, there is huge accountability with student performance which our staff is available to provide support.  My email is below. If there are additional questions or concerns

    vidavis@dallasisd.org   Ms. Davis (Collegiate AP)

    If there are additional questions or concerns: please contact Dr. Johnson (School Principal)


     High School:  please navigate Google Classroom (March 23). If additional information is needed, please visit SOC’s website: https://www.dallasisd.org/soc Information can be found on the main page (Scroll down to campus Updates). Codes for google classrooms will be available on Sunday (March 22) by 4pm.

     MVC College Classes:

     MVC classes will not resume until March 30 so that professors can prepare for an online format. Therefore,

    all classes will be online until further notice. As stated previously it is vital that students perform satisfactorily therefore students need to follow their college syllabus for deadlines and assignments.

     Please check the collegiate website for further updates.

    Victoria Davis

    Dr. Johnson

    School Principal





    As we strive to provide you the latest information in regards to next steps, please play close attention to the following: 
    Dallas ISD is closed indefinitely
    Students are still accountable to submit lessons in Google classroom which pertinent information is located on the schools website on the main page. The main page can be accessed by google and or the following link: https://dallasisd.org/soc
    Once the main page is accessed, scroll down to the bottom and access COVID-19 updates and click on (Students). Laptops have been provided to every student although wifi may be an issue. If this is the case, please visit local establishments which offer free wifi or contact spectrum (1844 488 8395) as soon as possible who is offering free wifi to families with students affected by COVID-19 although the offer is subject to qualification. Importantly, students must keep up with their laptops and return them when school resumes. 
    If you have additional questions, please email me at wjohnson009@ dallasisd.org. I will check emails daily and return your responses promptly. 
    I will consistently offer information and clarification and look forward to supporting SOCNATION during this transition period. 
    If you are hearing this via telephone messenger, this memo will be housed on SOC's website which can be found as described above. 
    Dr. J