• Log onto googleclassroom.com for your assignments.

    Use the following google classroom codes applicable to your class.

    Advisory 1st and 6th periods class code   

    2nd Period Physics class code   

    3rd Period Physics class code   

    4th Period Physics class code   

    8th Period Physics class code   

    9th Period Physics class code  

    10th Period Physics class code  

    Meet the Teacher classroom code   



    I will update your assignments per our block schedule and you will have two days to complete the assignments.  Zoom links with passcodes will be available in Google Classroom along with all resources for direct teach.  Make sure you answer the attendance question per class day for attendance credit.  Attendance questions are not graded, so be sure to do your assignments for your grade.  For students, all communications with your teacher will be through the district server, either with our district Zoom account or my district email account.  For parents/guardians, you may reach me at any time through the district's email account.

    My district email is jbrady@dallasisd.org

    Thank you.

    I am blessed to be your teacher!

Mr. Brady