Degrees and Certifications:

Dallas Baptist University- May 2005 *Bachelor of Science, Dual Concentraton: *Kinesiology/Excercise Science & Sports Management   Dallas Baptist Univeristy *Master of Education & Kinesiology In Progression: Certification: SPED EC-12

Mr. Alvin Evans

Mr. Evans is a Math co-teacher with so many goals for our students. He makes sure that the students are his top priority. His job requires a lot of his attention especially to detail.
His heart is in his work. He works great with our students.

His dediction to his work and our students is very important to our school. He really enjoys working with the students and the stdents love him and his way of teaching.

  • Attends to the requirements detailed in the education plans of their special needs students, such as a 504 plan, Transition plan (a post-secondary plan) or IEP (Individual Education Plan) in coordination with implementation and review by the special education team (parents, special education teacher, specialized personnel, service providers and many times the student). Plans lessons and classroom activities with the help of the special education teacher according to a curriculum through medications and redesigns as needed.

    Partner PE is a success oriented physical eduacation program featuring supervised peer tutors and individualized learning and instruction. Physical eduacation program geared towards preparing our special population students for Special Olympics.