This is the Yearbook photo of Ms. Wagoner.

    Contact Information


    If students are unable to email me through their accounts they may email me at


     Google Voice Number: 940-441-7924 (SWAG) I receive texts or voice messages on this account.  Please include your name and the class period we meet.


     Tutoring Times: 4:30 to 5:00 daily and by appointment.

    5th period is my planning and you may also contact me then.  Please email or send me a message on Google Classroom for any other appointment times that you need.  I want to be available to you, as I know many of you are working or have family responsibilities. 



    Classes:    1st    Advisory


                     2nd   Journalism


                     3rd    Yearbook


                        4th     Yearbook Office Assistant


                     5th    Planning


                     6th    Advisory


                     7th    Journalism


                     8th    Advanced Yearbook


                     9th.   Journalism


                    10th   Journalism