2020/2021 Remote Learning Schedule

  • Reminders:
    September 8th was an "A" Day
    September 9th was a "B" Day

    All days will alternate A>B>A>B>A>B for the year.   Holidays do not alter the sequence and students can always check with their advisory teacher if they are unsure.

    • On A-Days students will attend periods 1-5
    • On B-Days students will attend periods 6-10
    • Elective classes alternate between A and B days


    Students should follow the Remote (Virtual) Schedule, as shown above, right now.

    PowerSchool schedule times begin with face-to-face instruction.

    Due to Covid-19, please check your Google Classrooms and the website frequently for school news/updates or changes in schedule.

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  • Zoom/Meet Video Conference Norms

    • Be on time.  Sign in 5-10 minutes prior to the start of your Zoom class
    • Mute your mic when you aren't speaking
    • Have a notepad and pen nearby to write down important deadlines and information
    • Find a quiet place to avoid background distractions
  • Zoom Meeting Norms

    • Make sure your device is fully charged and that you have a strong signal
    • Use app features such as "Raise Hand" and "Chat" to ask questions
    • Maintain school appropriate behavior
    • Actively Participate by answering and asking questions

Social and Emotional Learning for Middle School