• Quick Facts


    Supervisor:  Kim Wheeler

    Grade Levels:  Various 

    School Feeder Pattern:
    Special Services (Transition, 18+, VCT)

    School Colors: Blue and White

    Mascot: Eagle



    To become a premier program to prepare interns with disabilities with the necessary skills to reach their maximum potential, which will lead to post-secondary success.



    To educate interns with disabilities in an age appropriate environment serving their individual needs through agency connections, community collaboration, career exploration, employment skills, independent living skills and self-determination skills.


    Program Outcomes

    • Provide a successful transition from school to adulthood
    • Receive a continuum of transition services outside of their home campus
    • Acquire skills necessary to enter post-secondary opportunities
    • Link with community resources that can be utilized after high school
    • Become familiar with transportation options throughout the city