Franklin IEA At Home Learning Plan

  • Franklin IEA will continue to provide quality student instruction online.  Your child's teacher has set up online or virtual classes that he or she can access through the internet:  Google Classroom is the current progam being used for instruction by Franklin teachers.

    Online Learning Quick Facts

    • Students should log into Google Classroom and follow their schedule the same as if they were physically at school.

    • Expect to have 2 graded assignments per class each week.

    • Students and parents can review feedback and scores in Google Classroom and Powerschool.

    Online Expectations

    • Mute should be used when not speaking. 

    • Maintain school appropriate behavior.

    • Wearing the school uniform is not required for virtual students, but they should be dressed apporpriately.

    • Work in a space that is free of distractions and condusive to learning.

    • Be on time for all classes.

    • Actively participar in class.

    • Consider using headphones.

    • Phones should be power off, along with TV's, games or other electronics that cause a distraction.