• General Information

    The School of Science and Engineering is known for its excellence in preparing students to attend the college or university of his or her choice while earning the financial support needed through scholarships and grants.
    Students study advanced topics in math and science through an academically rigorous program. They also are nurtured to maturity through language and liberal arts programs. Our staff of teachers, trained in the Advanced Placement program, work before and after school with students on their studies as well as assist students with any personal issues they may have.
    Once a student has entered his or her junior year, the counseling staff intensifies its focus to address students’ individual needs. They help to ensure all students graduate with either the Recommended Diploma or the Distinguished Diploma. They assist with college applications, staying at the forefront of the admission requirements and timetables established by the colleges and universities.
    Our active PTSA and the consistent collaboration between parents and teachers helps to bring our academic programs to fruition. The School of Science and Engineering is recognized as one of the top high schools in the nation, but the high volume of scholarships and honors awarded to our senior students is the real evidence of our excellence.