• Visit the Townview Library Online HERE or come see us on the 3rd floor of Townview Magnet Center, just up the main stairwell (when we are back to face-face learning). We are the heart of all 6 magnets at Townview and have a little something for everyone. We love keeping up with the newest titles in YA fiction and manga and share a rotating cast of hot topic nonfiction, biographies, and classics. We have thousands of ebooks and audiobooks every day in our digital library SORA. Don’t see something you want? Let the librarian know.

    A library is never just books, and the Townview Library is your central stop for best research sources, project help, and a safe place to get away from the hectic schedule of a Townview life. Always ask a librarian.

    Join us in Google Classroom for Library-On-Demand, your daily source for book recs, bookish news, tech tips, and more PLUS join the virtual Book Club anytime, from anywhere (only for Townview Students).



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    Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm (subject the change in something is going on)

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    Melissa Cunningham



    Twitter: @townviewlibrary
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    Townview's library resources are going virtual. Please join the Google Classroom code: VPNXH5E.



    About Ms. Cunningham

    Melissa Cunningham, the Librarian at Townview, has been a librarian for over 7 years and before that was a high school ELA and Creative Writing teacher. She loves techy, creative, and outside-the-box ideas. Ms. Cunningham graduated Cum Laude from University of North Texas with her Bachelor of English before moving on to finish her Master of Library Science degree with a specialization in School Libraries. She’s been a member of the Maverick List Committee at the Texas Library Association, the advisory board for Engage2Learn product design, and helps DISD Library Services with teacher training modules. In 2017 she was the winner of the Fund for Teachers Travel grant and traveled to Denmark to meet and learn from secondary and academic librarians who work with integrating technology and digital services into their libraries. When she’s not waving to people from her glass-window desk in the library, she’s busy exploring and trying out innovative ways to support the students and staff at Townview be their best selves on and offline.


    Townview Library Mission

    The library is a hub of life for students and staff of all six magnet schools at Townview.



    • Provide a welcoming “third-space” on campus for student groups, activities, community engagement, study, social life, staff support, collaboration, and a view of the town

    • Encourage students to explore ideas in a safe, inclusive environment

    • Support equity and access through the library collection and programming