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    Our School Counselors

    Children and young adults need guidance and support, especially when it comes to dealing with academic, personal, parental and social pressures. Helping our students reach their potential is our ultimate goal.

    The work of today’s school counselor is multifaceted and can vary from academic development to supporting students who are experiencing emotional and academic challenges. As trained mental health professionals, school counselors strive to build safe, positive, and trusting relationships with their students. 

    How School Counselors Help 

    • They are good listeners, and students can talk to them about almost anything, without judgement.
    • They strive to maintain confidentiality as much as possible, while following their code of ethics, as well as all pertinent federal, state, and school district regulations.
    • They help students with anxiety, depression, trauma, and addiction.
    • They work with students to develop strategies to deal with anger.
    • They are a good sounding board for family issues.
    • They help students navigate relationship issues.
    • They advocate on students’ behalf