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    At Trinidad "Trini" Garza Early College High School, students engage in a rigorous and supportive academic program that blends high school and college work and that enables students to graduate with a high school diploma, an Associate's Degree from Mountain View College in the Dallas County Community College District, or 48 core college credit hours toward a baccalaureate degree.

    In 2015, Garza ECHS has received  the National Blue Ribbon award for High Performing Schools  (U. S. Department of Education) by the TEA Commissioner of Education. Our ethnic breakdown is 85 percent Hispanic and 13 percent African American. Eighty-four percent of the students are eligible for free/reduced lunch, and 27 percent are limited English proficient.
    Our early college objectives are to:
    • Create a means to higher education for first-generation college-going students;
    • Develop course work that mimics a college setting in which students receive intense academic counseling to help them develop skills essential for post-secondary success;
    • Increase college attendance and success rates for all students;
    • Strengthen the connections among middle schools, high schools, and higher education to promote a college-going culture. 

    TOP TEN Reasons Why Garza ECHS is Outstanding:


    1.     Student needs are the top priority in our academic program.  

    2.     Teachers are encouraged and expected to become experts in their content areas.  

    3.     Academic departments are comprised of intrinsic learners.  

    4.     Academic departments willfully share a vision with which to pursue excellence.  

    5.     The administration does not perceive themselves as an agency separate and above the teachers (who directly facilitate student learning). 

    6.      Faculty members are receptive to the opinions and ideas shared by their colleagues. 

    7.      Faculty members are expected to share opinions concerning decisions that could impact student performance. 

    8.      Discipline problems are resolved by academic and behavioral expectations. 

    9.      Students feel that they are members of an academic family.

         10.  The administration exhibits professionalism with each other and their students.