• A Message From the Principal:


    Greetings Burleson Family,

    We are so excited school has started and that we are able to interact with all of our amazing students and awesome parents. We realize that we are bringing our classrooms into your homes and want to partner with you all to ensure maximum success for all of our students. There are a few things we need from our parents to achieve the success we are looking for:

    1. Find the quietest space for your child to participate in their online classes. This space will ensure there are few disruptions and will maximize teaching and learning. The device microphones are very sensitive and picks up all conversations and noises in the background. Student devices should remain muted until it is time for them to share. The use of headphones will limit distractions.

    2. The camera on your child’s device should be positioned to only capture your child and wall behind them. This will prevent students from seeing other people, pets and/or images in the background and allow for maximum teaching and learning.

    3. All eating after 8 am should be done during non-virtual times. Water bottles are ok.

    4. All students should be in a school uniform whenever they are in a virtual classroom. (last year’s uniforms are fine until they receive their new shirts)

    5. Each teacher has designated a time each day for parents to contact them with any questions, concerns or to assist with technology. Please use that time to converse with teachers. The online classroom will only be for teachers and students. Please reach out to the teacher for their parent conference times.

    We are much appreciative of the partnerships we have with our parents and know we all have the same goal in mind and that is to maximize teaching and learning and ensure that all students are successful.


    Thanks for all you do,

    Mr. Russell, Principal

    R.C. Burleson