Happy New Year! My name is Sara Mokuria and I am honored to serve this year as the Chair of the Site-Based Decision Making (SBDM) Committee. The SBDM Committee serves as an advisory council to the principal. The committee meets once a month to discuss school-related issues, activities, and initiatives. All meetings are open to the public. Our next meeting is Monday, 2/08/21 at 6 pm. We are not a decision-making body, we offer recommendations and suggestions on how to improve the campus and promote student achievement. There are 5 sub-committees that are open to parents/guardians, MYP students, and community member's participation. They are:




     Evaluation and Modification Committee

    Coordinated School Health Committee

    Dropout Prevention Review Committee

    Multicultural/Enrichment/Curriculum/Virtual Instruction/Staff Development

    Parent Engagement

    If you want to volunteer to serve on a sub-committee please contact SBDMchair@gmail.com. At this week's meeting, we will discuss magnet school enrollment, teacher credentials, IB reauthorization, and security and budget updates. The meeting on Monday, 2/08/21 at 6 pm will be held via Zoom and Spanish translation will be available. We hope that you can join us!