• How to fix PowerSchool login issues:

    If Students can log on to computers and applications other than PowerSchool, the issue is likely with PowerSchool or one of the items on the list below.

    Many login issues for PowerSchool, are being resolved by taking the following steps.

    The following applies to Students.

    1. Verify that the Google Chrome browser is being used.

    2. Verify that you or your students are using the correct URL. Student / Parent: https://dallasisd.powerschool.com/public/home.html

    3. Delete cached files in their Chrome browser. The path to accomplish this is: SETTINGS | PRIVACY & SECURITY | CLEAR BROWSING DATA Under the BASIC category, set the Time Range to: Last 4 Weeks

    4. Delete SAVED passwords. Saved passwords can cause login issues after we change EAD passwords. NEVER save passwords to a computer

    5. Do NOT use your full email address. Username only. In the case of students, this is their ID number only.