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  • Every Voice Matters

    In Dallas ISD, we believe every voice matters. Our district is one of diverse backgrounds, ideas, and stories, and our perspectives help define us. While we cannot unwrite the wrongs of the past, there is hope. We can use our voices to ensure injustices, of any kind, no longer continue. This site is our effort to share the stories and ideas that paint our world.

    Dallas ISD also wants to foster the free exchange of positive ideas and invites you to share your perspectives at Voices@dallasisd.org.

  • Our Commitment to Equity

    In December 2017, the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees took a bold step to address educational disparities by establishing the Racial Equity Office. And during a special called board meeting in June, trustees approved a resolution on the commitment of Dallas ISD to Black students and Black lives.

    “I am thankful for each and every student, staff and parent who are part of Dallas ISD,” Superintendent Michael Hinojosa said. “Our community’s rich diversity strengthens Dallas ISD schools.”

    Dallas ISD Board of Trustees

With Equity in Mind

Carter High School students share their thoughts on social injustice.

Spotlight: Derek Little

‘Co-Conspirator’ for Diversity

Dallas ISD observers who tune in to board meetings or follow the latest school news on TV have no doubt seen the deputy chief of Teaching and Learning armed with charts, PowerPoints and answers—and invariably sporting a bow tie—explaining district policy and initiatives. What they may not see, beneath the surface, is an ally for equity.

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