The Skyline High School New Teacher Academy (NTA) provides quality professional development experiences that will enhance your professional growth. We know that the first years of teaching can be challenging, so we want to share practical strategies you can use to move from surviving to thriving as a new teacher. It won’t be perfect. You’ll have scraped knees and failed lessons and moments of intense frustration. But you’ll also have moments of complete and utter joy, where you realize you are changing lives. Our goal is to create a space where you can thrive. We want to share resources and ideas you can use from day one. You are the artist and the craftsperson but we are here to provide tools and blueprints and frameworks you can use. While the design of the New Teacher Academy is based on national, state, and local research, the topics of the sessions offered each year are selected based on the feedback of participants. 

    We’re excited to be on this journey with you. Welcome to the New Teacher Academy!



    The New Teacher Academy is a professional development program offered to teachers new to the District or new to the teaching profession with 0-2 years of experience.



    All teachers with a standard educator certificate must renew it every five years. Classroom teachers must complete 150 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours in order to renew their certification. However, educators with an administrative and/or student services certificate, in addition to their classroom certification, must complete a total of 200 CPE hours in order to renew their certificate.

    The good news? Completion of NTA Professional Development Modules and attending NTA meetings can provide you with documentable CPE hours. Certificates are provided to NTA attendees for upload into Cornerstone so hours can be added to their District transcript.


    CPE Teachers                    CPE Admins/Student Services