• Our school, F. P. Caillet was named for Mr. Fleury Paul Reverchon Caillet. He was the nephew of a famous pioneer botanist, Julien Reverchon.

    Mr. Caillet (1871-1938) was one of the early contractors of Dallas, Texas and a son of immigrants who pointed their ox wagons across the Trinity to the West Dallas hills and set up a French colony in 1858.

F. P. Caillet Pic
  • He was born October 31, 1871. The old colony had broken up more than a decade before, and his parents had moved into one of the steep-raftered stone houses which Frenchmen left from the colony. When Victor Considine, protégé of the French Socialist, Fourier, had organized his Dallas colony in France, Mr. Caillet's father had been one of the first to come along. Also in that first band was an awkward, young man named Julien Reverchon, later to become known as a botanist as far as London for his work with Texas plants, and for whom Reverchon Park was named. Julien Reverchon and his father came to Texas alone, leaving the rest of the family in France.

    Reverchon's sister, Eugene, joined them later, however. She and George Caillet were married soon afterward. Mr. Caillet spent the early years of his life in the West Dallas district. When he was 6 years old his parents moved to a tract of land on the present Lovers Lane district, which is where he resided until his death in 1939.

    He became a contractor at the age of 16 and continued in that business until he retired in 1934. He built many of the early-day residences in the once fashionable South Dallas district and along Ross Avenue.

  • After retirement he spent much of his time fishing and raising flowers on his farm near Lake Dallas. He was married to the former Laura Reihn, whom he was married for thirty-nine years. He had five daughters, Mrs. Shirley Welch, Mrs. Louise Dieterich, Mrs. Elizabeth Perry Caillet, Miss Margaret Caillet and Miss Marie Caillet; a son, Dr. O. Rene Caillet; a sister, Mrs. Eliza Elsby; a brother, George Caillet, and six grandchildren.