• Student Dress Code

    All students are expected to comply with the student dress code:

    • Students will be required to wear uniforms Monday through Friday unless otherwise directed. Uniforms are expected to be neat and clean.
    • Shirts must be solid white or red with collar and sleeves. No exceptions. No designs, monograms, emblems. No T-shirts.
    • Shirts must be tucked in and worn with a belt.
    • Shirts must be appropriately sized.
    • Pants, jumpers, walking shorts, skirts & skorts must be solid navy blue or khaki.  No knit or denim.  No overalls (coveralls) or jeans.  Sweat pants are not allowed.
    • Shorts, skorts, or skirts must be no shorter than fingertip length when the arms are hanging loosely at the side.
    • Shoes - Dark tennis shoes. No sandals, flip flops, open toed shoes, clogs, or backless shoes.
    • Jackets or heavy coats may be worn to and from school only during cold weather. Students will not be allowed to wear jackets or wear outer garments not appropriate for the weather. Students will be required to leave coats or jackets in the locker or the classroom.
    • Sweaters must be navy blue.
    • Whether or not a student is dressed appropriately or properly groomed shall be left to the discretion of the principal or his designee. If the principal, or designee, feels that a student’s dress or grooming is detrimental to a safe environment, he may consult with other knowledgeable authorities.

    The student dress code will be strictly enforced. Parents/Guardians will be called to bring appropriate clothes to school for students who are not following dress code and may be requested to attend a conference with the administrator to discuss the offense and subsequent disciplinary action.